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Surface Preparation (Shotblast)

Shotblasting is used to create a coarse surface in preparation for the application of sealers, coatings or polymer overlays.

The process is quick, efficient and creates no airborne dust – so the surface is left ready for the application of coatings.

The process will give you the best surface possible – helping you guarantee against coating failure.

It cleans and profiles concrete surfaces by removing dirt, laitance, curing compounds, sealers and other contaminants in preparation for the application of protective materials.

Surface preparation is considered the most important step of any resinous flooring application. Improper surface preparation could turn what seems to be a simple process into a lengthy, difficult repair.

We love concrete

Case Study - Waterloo Road

Surface preparation (shotblast) Waterloo Road, Hong Kong

Anti Skid surfaces require vigorous preparation on concrete or asphalt before they are applied. Shotblast is the only method that can abrade the whole surface uniformly.

The photograph is of the shotblasting of asphalt on Waterloo Road in 2002. Aluminium oxide aggregate in an epoxy / bitumen mix was then applied to create an anti skid surface.

Case Study - Chep Lap Kok Car Park

Surface prep shotblast, Chep Lap Kok carpark, Hong Kong

At Car Park Number 4 at Hong Kong International Airport the important issues were noise and speed. Noise because of the proximity of the Regal Hotel only metres away and speed due to the risk of rain meant that the contractor needed to be in and out in the quickest possible time.

Working 12 hour shifts, A-Pex completed the whole 6000m2 within 6 days.

Our super quiet Shotblast machine produces a maximum of 82 dBA @ 5 metres - which is not much louder than a household vacuum cleaner.