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The RetroPlate System:

  • A combination of a grinding/polishing process and the RetroPlate product;
  • A low maintenance floor solution that improves over time and, with regular cleaning, enhances the floor's life expectancy;
  • Transforms new and old concrete floors into strong, durable and beautiful surfaces;
  • Enhances industrial, retail or commercial concrete floors, while eliminating the ongoing costs of coatings and floor cover failures;
  • Makes weak concrete strong and turns stained or difficult-to-clean concrete into a polished concrete floor that is easy to clean and maintain;
  • No topical coatings to fail.

RetroPlate features

  • Natural polished concrete floors.
  • Transforms new & old concrete floors into strong, durable and beautiful surfaces.
  • Eliminates ongoing costs of coating maintenance, failures & renewal.
  • Easy to clean & maintain.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Abrasion Resistance: up to 400% greater.
  • Impact Strength: up to 21% greater.
  • Light Reflectivity: up to 30% greater.
  • Lowest 10 year life cycle cost.
  • Does not support combustion: eliminates smoke or toxic fumes.
  • Low in maintenance.
Polished concrete RetroPlate Hong Kong

RetroPlate polished concrete by A-Pex Systems Ltd, Hong Kong