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Polyurethane Removal by Surface Planing

Planers provide a quick and efficient polyurethane removal of old or failed coatings. With the help of our high powered vacuums and dust collectors the operation is kept a dust free environment.

A coarse finish is created on the surface after removal which provides a good bond for the new coating.

No water – as all the waste goes into bags. This means there are no blocked drains to worry about.

The result again is a fast trouble-free project.

Case Study - PU Removal on Peninsular Hotel TST

The roof of the Peninsular Hotel has had its problems with waterproofing over the years. A-Pex was called in to remove the thick coating of Polyurathane with minimum noise disturbance to the guests below.

The short film show us using a Planetary Grinder with sharp Tungsten Carbide teeth and large Diamond Segments to shred the PU and leave the tiles below intact.

Case Study - A new building in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

A new building in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong had problems with damp rising from under the basement floors and causing the floor coating to 'bubble'.

This video shows the quick process of floor planing and diamond grinding in which we used the Von Arx VA 30SH and a DHG 700 Planetary Grinder. As with all our projects the work is carried out in a dust free environment.

We love concrete

Case Study - Admiralty Car Park, Queensway

Polyurethane Removal Admirality Carpark, Hong Kong

Admiralty Car Park in Queensway has had its fair share of PU coatings over the years. A-Pex was contracted to remove the most recent coating that had been damaged by damp seeping through the concrete floor. Upon inspection we determined that the PU that would have to be removed was as thick as a car tyre.

A special type of drum was set up on the planing machines so that it could get underneath the PU and pull it upin the same way as a carpet would be pulled up.

Shotblast was used after the removal to provide an even cleaner surface with an improved bond for the waterproof membrane and coating.

Case Study - 100 Texaco Road Industrial Building

Tile Removal 100 Texaco Road, Hong Kong

Noise was a problem for the owners of the industrial building. They had tenants in the floors above and below, and since some operating 24 hours a day a noisy job was out of the question.

Over Easter 2007, A-Pex sent in a VA 30SH machine – A 300 kg hydraulically propelled floor, equipped with a special drum that shatters each tile into small pieces. By the time the neighbouring offices returned to work after the holiday the 2600m2 job had been completed.