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Commercial Flooring: Office - Retail - Restaurant

ABR Series - Self Levelling Cementitious Overlay

Many clients request natural looking polished concrete for their offices, retail floors and restaurant floors, counter tops and bar tops.

When site conditions can't provide the required depth of floor level or the time required for traditional concrete curing we propose ABR Series, a new line in Cement Overlay.

ABR - G Series

ABR - G is a single compound type cement based overlay material.

  • Limited shrinkage; Prevents cracking due to floor contraction and expansion
  • Strong bonding ability
  • Early-strength and early setting: Allows for versatile renovation and urgent construction proposals
  • Range of screed and aggregate tones: Light, Medium and Heavy Grey. G Series is pre-mixed with 2mm aggregate. Pigment is used to adjust the tone of the screed, and a variety of aggregate tones is available to tailor the finish to client's requirements
  • Finish Control: Accommodates various levels of aggregate exposure and gloss levels, from Matte, Medium Gloss to High Gloss
  • ABR Floors can be rejuvenated. Restore the original beauty of the brand new finish over the lifetime of the floor


Jordan Store - Nike's Asian Flagship Store

Nike Air Jordan store Hong Kong concrete floor by A-Pex


Casa Tapakaya Restaurants

Casa Tapakaya Hong Kong concrete floor by A-Pex