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Level Reduction up to 30mm

Surface reduction is probably the most complicated of all flooring problems.

Hong Kong's concrete uses decomposed granite as its aggregate. Granite has enormous strength and diamond grinding is obvious answer. However, diamond grinding is efficient only for the first few millimetres, after which the speed is outweighed by the dollar cost per mm.

Level reduction Hong Kong

Our hydraulic drive VA 30SH Planer takes the surface down up to 30mm in several passes.

Case Study - Mega Box

Level reduction at Mega Box, Hong Kong

In March 2007 we were called into the huge retail and office complex, Mega Box.

On floors 3 & 4, the surface was up to 25mm high in places, which meant the laser guided screed would be too thin.

The VA30SH planer was used with an adapted drum. With 6 passes this powerful machine was able to remove the necessary 25 mm.